Address: Iwo Jima Blvd., Harlingen, TX 78550

Grades: 8-12

Teacher Ratio: 1 to 8

Students: 225

The Marine Military Academy (MMA) can be found in Harlingen, Texas. It is a private academy for students who are in the college preparatory stage. It was established in 1965. Boys that are in grades 8-12 can enroll there. Students will also receive 1 year of post graduate study. The United States Marine Corps is not in any way affiliated with the school but its ideals and traditions are being upheld here. By chance, you can be associated with the Marine Corps only if you participate in the Junior ROTC program. The school mascot is the bulldog.

Harlingen Army Airfield, which was built in 1941, is the former home of the academy. The establishment closed and was replaced by Harlingen Air Force Base in 1952 and closed again in the 1960s.

Modern facilities can be seen inside the Marine Military Academy. It looks very different from its earlier days. The runway that can be seen across the school is Valley International Airport.

There are also high school classes offered in this school.

There are also dual enrollment courses where students can start early to earn a college degree as well as placement authorized courses. Most courses offered there are taught by professors throughout the year.

Students cannot avoid missed assignments or failed exams without an acceptable reason. They are also required to submit to Closed Call to Quarters. It means that there is a time set to handle all academic responsibilities every night in the barracks. It is a mandatory requirement for students to study and do assignments. If a student is failing, there are tutorials designed to help students improve.

The school offers summer camps for boys ages 13-17. This program allows boys to participate in an adventure that has a duration of four weeks.

Physical Conditioning

There are extracurricular activities that cadets should participate in between 4:00-5:30 pm. The goal of the program is for all cadets to participate in sports with no bearing on their skill level. There are also sports activities that they can join to include: boxing, judo, cycling, rock climbing, and drill.

The sports that are present at the Marine Military Academy are included in the competition of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (T.A.P.P.S.). It began during the 2000-2001 school year. There is also a program called V.I.S.A. (Valley Independent School Association) that eight graders can participate in and compete against other private schools in the state. These students will be able to participate in TAPPS athletics when they move on to 9th Grade.

Rank Structure

The structure of the Academy is likened to the United States Marine Corps. The freshmen cannot surpass Cadet Corporal and the eighth graders cannot reach above Cadet Lance Corporal. Sophomores have a chance to be promoted to non commissioned officers while the juniors capture most of the Academy’s NCO.

Seniors usually go up the officer rank. They are able to get Platoon Commanders, Company Commanders, Company Executive Officers and Battalion Commanders. These positions are of command responsibility.


Academic excellence is created through the actions of a superb faculty, a challenging curriculum and motivated, hard-working students. Year after year, 100% of Marine Military Academy graduates are accepted to college.

Our unwavering commitment to sound academic preparation is reflected by the exemplary scores our cadets post:

  • Average GPA improvement of 1.71
  • 100% college acceptance rate
  • Average SAT score of 1550
  • Average ACT score of 21

Additionally, the structure and discipline of the MMA curriculum has proven to aid good boys with a tendency to become distracted or unmotivated. Cadets learn how to study properly and carry these positive habits with them to college and beyond.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

With these credentials, approximately 80% of each year’s graduates enroll in four-year colleges and universities and 20% attend two-year colleges — even if they plan to serve in the branches of the United States military. All because they made a commitment to a new path, and discovered what it truly means to be a part of MMA.


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