Military Schools in Wisconsin

There are 2 Military Schools located in Wisconsin.

Kenosha Military Academy > >

Grades: 9-12 | 6800 60th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144

Kenosha Military Academy is a comprehensive choice public high school. Students enrolled in the Kenosha Military Academy program take part in intensive JROTC training. KMA students take four years of classes sponsored by the United States Army known as Leadership Education and Training classes. These classes are meant to provide students with the qualities of teamwork, […]

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy > >

Grades: 7-12 | 1101 Genesee Street, Delafield, WI 53018

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy is a private, prestigious, coed preparatory school with a focus on leadership development and college preparation. All students adhere to a regimented system of education, along with participating in mandatory athletic programs. The very well structured, military styled environment at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy shapes young men and women, […]

Military Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents have two vastly different choices when it comes to military education within the state. One is a public, coed high school that is free to attend and is a part of the Wisconsin public education system. The other is an exclusive private military academy solely for boys in one of the most prestigious zip codes in the state, Delafield, Wisconsin.

St. John's Northwestern Military is a private and all male college preparatory school that features an excellent academic program and athletic program.

As its model, it has a structure and a unique environment based on military principles. This environment prepares students for a career in the military or to attend college after graduation. The Kenosha Military Academy is a public high school that students choose to attend. It is a unique school in that it has four distinctive academies existing within the same school. KMA has also been voted as having the best JROTC program in the state.

St. John's Northwestern Military Academy Features A Long History Of Excellence

Since 1884, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy has graduated young men who have received a premier military education. The academy's focus is on instilling values in these young men like integrity, teamwork, a great work ethic, leadership skills and a desire to be learners throughout their lifetime. This is a renowned boarding school for young men in grades 7 through 12 and it is also a good option for day school for those students who wish to stay at their home residence.

ROTC and NCAA Athletic programs are conducted through a unique partnership with the University of Wisconsin collegiate system. The programs are held through the campus in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The school offers special Honors programs for exceptional students, along with a specialized technology program known as Project Lead The Way. There are also specialized instructional programs for students interested in music and in the arts. Students are fully encouraged to pursue their passions and interests in a nurturing environment.


Kenosha Military Academy Stresses Academic Excellence

This innovative academy magnet school is divided into four unique sections. There is a Business and International Studies area, a Communications section, a Biotech And Environmental Studies Academy and the Kenosha Military Academy. All academies coexist in one setting. Their unique approaches to instruction and learning set this school apart from all others in the state of Wisconsin. Graduates are known for having a personal discipline that helps them to become high achievers.

Uniforms are provided free of charge to students. Students go through four years of extensive Leadership training courses which have been sanctioned by the United States Army. Students function in an ROTC based atmosphere following a highly structured school day and an excellent and challenging academic curriculum. The lessons learned at the Kenosha Military Academy prepare graduates so they have an advantage when they begin to apply for college based ROTC programs. Students have values instilled in them like good citizenship, leadership abilities, character building qualities, physical fitness and teamwork.


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