Military Schools in Texas

There are 4 Military Schools located in Texas.

Marine Military Academy > >

Grades: 7-12 | Iwo Jima Blvd., Harlingen, TX 78550

The Marine Military Academy (MMA) can be found in Harlingen, Texas. It is a private academy for students who are in the college preparatory stage. It was established in 1965. Boys that are in grades 7-12 can enroll there. Students will also receive 1 year of post graduate study. The United States Marine Corps is not […]

San Marcos Academy > >

Grades: 7-12 | 2801 Ranch Road Twelve, San Marcos, TX 78666

San Marcos Academy (SMA) is a co-educational college preparatory school affiliated with Texas Baptists. It is not specifically a military school, but it offers JROTC options. The school received its charter from the state of Texas in 1907 and opened to an enrollment of 200 students in 1908, making it one of the oldest boarding […]

Texas Maritime Academy > >

Grades: Undergraduate | 1001 Texas Clipper Road, Galveston, TX 77551

The Texas Maritime Academy (TMA) is a fundamental part of the entire Texas A&M University, Galveston. This branch campus of the Texas A&M University is more focused on maritime and marine studies. The main location of the campus is 135 acres and is located on Pelican Island in the Gulf of Mexico.Groups of StudentsThere are […]

Texas Military Institute > >

Grades: 6-12 | 20955 West Tejas Trail, San Antonio, TX 78257

Located in the Texas Hill Country, TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas is a coed, college-preparatory school for students in grades 6-12. Its rich history dates back to 1893 when the school was founded by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas and has grown to become the excellent academic community it is today.  From […]

Military Schools in Texas

For a variety of sound reasons, many people choose to educate their children outside of the public school system. There are few choices, including home school or private school, but a third choice is available for families with an appreciation for the high principles of a military lifestyle. Although some think of military school as a place to send our troubled youth, the college-preparatory style of military school is a clear option for those who want their children groomed to a high academic and leadership standard.

Military college-preparatory schools are very selective, requiring students who apply to meet stellar academic standards. Tuition is generally high, although scholarships are available for those who qualify. There are currently three of these schools in Texas. They are the Marine Military Academy, San Marcos Baptist Academy, and Texas Military Institute.

Marine Military Academy

The Marine Military Academy is an all-boys boarding school in Harlingen, Texas, covering grades eight through 12. As the name suggests, the training emphasized at this school follows the military model of the U.S. Marine Corps with an exemplary and fully integrated JROTC program. The curriculum includes all the standard high school fare plus courses in SAT prep, aerospace, art photography, computer science, band, marine science and more. The Athletics department includes the traditional sports of baseball, basketball, track & field, and soccer, but also includes boxing, cycling, and jiu jitsu, among several others.


San Marcos Academy

San Marcos Academy in San Marcos, Texas is co-educational and covers grades seven through 12. This academy is a Baptist college-prep school, one of the oldest boarding schools in Texas, founded in 1907. Its strong military connection dates back to World War I, when the federal government granted them a JROTC unit. San Marcos Academy requires participation by the boys in the JROTC program the first semester of attendance. Outside of the first semester requirement for boys, participation in JROTC is voluntary for both boys and girls. Students enjoy small classes of about 12 students each. This school offers pre-AP and AP courses, leadership training and dual-credit college courses, as well as a strong fine arts department. Student athletes enjoy baseball, basketball, cheerleading, equestrian, golf, swimming, tennis, volleyball and more.


Texas Military Institute

Texas Military Institute is an Episcopal college-preparatory school in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is well known for its large military population and solid military support. Texas Military Institute is also coeducational, with a strong volunteer JROTC program. This school covers grades six through 12, offering basic courses plus Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Electives are numerous and include band, choir, creative writing, Old and New Testament, studio art, world religion and theater arts, among others. Some of the sports the students at TMI enjoy in the athletic department are cross-country, football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball and softball.


Military Prep Schools in Texas

Each of these schools offers strongly structured education with individual attention to the academic and personal development of each student. They work hard to develop in each young person a strong work ethic and sense of self-worth through discipline and achievement that will ensure their acceptance into the college of their choice. The schools listed here boast a lofty college acceptance rate of 95 to 100 percent of their graduates. High standards such as this are very enticing to parents who want to see their children excel in life. Although not a choice for everyone, those who appreciate and understand the military model for success can benefit greatly by attending one of these fine schools.

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