Military Schools in Missouri

There is 1 Military School located in Missouri.

Missouri Military Academy > >

Grades: 6-12 | 204 N Grand St, Mexico, MO 65265

Missouri Military Academy came into existence in 1889. A former Colonel of the Civil War, Col. A. F. Fleet, saw the need to establish a non-sectarian academy for boys between the sixth and twelfth grade classes. The purpose was to give the boys proper education and training to become outstanding individuals and leaders in life. […]

Military Schools in Missouri

Military schools in Missouri offer treatment programs for teenagers while educating them in a military style setting.

This allows students to become inculcated with the value of discipline and leadership.

Most of the programs are meant to help teenagers find their way to a better life through physical and mind conditioning.

These programs develop teenagers to become better individuals and become less of a troublemaker for their parents.

Wentworth Military Academy & College is located in Lexington, MO. It is a coed program that offers excellent academic and leadership military school programs. It comes with a ratio of 10:1 and offers advanced degrees as well as top-notch curriculum. Students can participate in intramurals, athletics, seasonal dances, bands, clubs, and more.

The Missouri Military Academy is a type of prep school that offers military education. It focuses its teachings on leadership and excellence. Students who attend there are known to develop personal motivation, good character, and physical development. It boasts that it can help a student enter a reputable American university later on.

Things You Should Know About Missouri Military Schools

If you are considering enrolling your teen in a military school, then you should research closely since there are certain things that you need to know. Schools are not the same in terms of programs and population size. For example, if size is a problem, then you should consider enrolling your teen in a bigger school. There are also single gender schools as well as co-ed. There are also schools offering programs for children in grades 4 or lower.

There are also military schools in Missouri with very large curriculum programs that may or may not include outdoor activities such a artistic clubs and traditional sports. There are also those that offer drama, music, and dance classes. Some military schools offer boarding services while others only accept day students.

Two things are known about all military schools: discipline and standards. There are schools offering solid and extensive academic programs that aiming to promote discipline at all times with great value. As you may know, any military principle always comes with discipline’–it’s what separates military institutions from others.

You should also know that Missouri military schools often require students to wear uniforms depending on their rank. Students have the opportunity to know what it feels like a real military setting. Teens are also required to work hard after classes and they can be punished in the event that they violate rules. You should know that any serious misbehavior of your teen may result to permanent expulsion from the school.

You can also take a look at what aspect is given much focus. For instance, you might like that your child wants to enroll in a military school that focuses on air tactics. Thus, you can enroll your child in a military school offering programs on aerodynamics.

When choosing the best Missouri military school for your child, you should know that there are many schools around offering various approaches based on both a student’s and a parent’s perspective. You can check out several military schools in Missouri which can tailor to your demands.

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