Military Schools in Michigan

There is 1 Military School located in Michigan.

Great Lakes Maritime Academy > >

Grades: Undergraduate | 715 E. Front St., Traverse City, MI 49686

The Great Lakes Maritime Academy, located in Traverse City, Michigan, is the only freshwater maritime academy in the United States. In addition, this exclusive school is one of only six maritime academies in America. Licensing is available for the Great Lakes and open-ocean travel.Dual Purpose EducationCadets who attend the Great Lakes Maritime Academy receive a […]

Military Schools in Michigan

Military schools in Michigan were once established for boys but the modern military schools in this state allow female applicants as well. The school regulations have been slightly modified to suit females.

Students who choose this type of school are offered with several advantages as they are disciplined well while integrating proper values.

Students graduating from these schools will become more in touch with their responsibilities as citizens of the country.

What Michigan Military Schools Can Offer

Michigan military schools help develop the students’ potentials and one of the most important thing that they foster is effective leadership skills. The curriculum is composed of lessons conducted in a classroom as well as outdoor activities. Students in this school are also encouraged to take part in community services.

Students will also engage in sports activities to develop their physical capabilities. Using this method, children will become more able to do things that require physical coordination and strength. Sports activities also help students take part in a healthy competition that will allow them to develop their sense of teamwork and respect. Other activities are also held to push students to excel and improve their leadership skills. As the students spend a lot of time in the military school, these traits will be integrated into their personality. As they mature, they become effective and able leaders who know how to lead a team with respect and serve the country with honor.

Fostering Discipline Among Students

Self-discipline is one of the most crucial qualities that the students develop while attending in any of the military schools in Michigan. As students spend more time in the school, discipline becomes embedded in their persona. In most military schools, there is a fixed time for anything that needs to be done – from waking up, to eating the meals, as well as cleaning up and fixing the bedroom. This form of discipline pushes students to do better in their performance.

Challenges are part of all programs offered in the military schools of the state of Michigan. There are different kinds of activities for students to participate in. Each program is an opportunity for a student to develop self-confidence by tackling challenges. Developing such skills is an important learning when in military schools. The results will show in the long run as students reach for their individual goals competitively with self confidence.

Admissions to Michigan Military Schools

Anyone who wishes to join military schools in Michigan can do so. There is no military commitment in these schools. If you decide to join the Armed Forces, you may do so. The school is all about discipline and how students need to have this quality to steer into the right direction in life.

Studying in these schools can bring plenty of benefits. Admission is now in high demand; in fact, most good military schools in the state have a long list of students lining up to apply to gain entrance to the academy. To qualify for these schools, students should be in good academic standing and be enthusiastic when it comes to sports and athletics. Recommendations coming from teachers or state representatives can boost the chance of getting approval and admission to these schools.

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