Military Schools in Maine

There is 1 Military School located in Maine.

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Grades: College | Maine Marine Academy, Castine, ME 04420

Established in 1941 in Castine, Maine, perched on the edge of Penobscot Bay, Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) is one of only two post-secondary schools that offers a rare Navy Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC). This small, public school enjoys both male and female students who can earn associate’s through master’s degrees in 17 different areas.Awards […]

Military Schools in Maine

In Maine, there are no actual military schools, so you may have to find an alternative solution. There are some schools with ROTC programs and also programs that are perfect for those who would like to pursue a career in one or more branches of the military.

Maine Maritime Academy

The Maine Maritime Academy is located in Castine, Maine. At this school, students can choose a course that will prepare them to become a member of the US Coast Guard. If they finish their studies, they can obtain a license. Aside from US Coast Guard programs, the school also offers an ROTC program for US Navy training. If your teen is able to complete the course, there is a good chance that he or she will become an active member of the US Navy. The school can also recommend an officer for the Navy and the Marine Corps.

Colby College

Just like the Maine Maritime Academy, this is not a military school. It is a private liberal arts institution which can be found in Waterville, Maine. Unlike the school mentioned above, the Colby College does not have an ROTC program. However, any student in this college is allowed to participate in the nearby school’s ROTC program, particularly in the University of Maine. 

University of Maine

As mentioned, those who are from Colby College can enroll here if they would like to join the ROTC program on campus. The university is located at Orono, Maine and is considered the flagship public educational institution of the state. Of course, the students in this school are more than welcome to participate in Army ROTC as well. In addition, they can expand their learning program by means of joining the cooperative educational plan at the Maine Maritime Academy.

Husson University

Husson  University has more or less 2,800 undergraduates. There are also 400 graduate students here. Husson University is located in Bangor, Maine. There is an ROTC program there that welcomes freshmen and sophomore students. When the students conclude their 2-year ROTC program, they can proceed to the University of Maine where they can continue from their junior year to senior year. Husson is just 15 minutes away from the mentioned university.

Thomas College

Thomas College is a private school located at Waterville, Maine. It prides itself in honing the skills of the students so that they will grow up to be professionals. Students here can join the Army ROTC under a cooperative course at the University of Maine, which is about an hour away from Watervillle.

These schools may not be military schools in every sense of the word, but they do guide young boys in becoming real men. They all strive to develop and enhance the leadership skills of students. When they graduate, you can expect them to be physically trained, mentally alert, and self-disciplined.

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