Military Schools in Indiana

There is 1 Military School located in Indiana.

Culver Military Academy > >

Grades: 9-12 | 1300 Academy Rd, Culver, IN 46511

The Culver Military Academy, located in Culver, Indiana, has produced some of the nation’s top military leaders. In addition some of our nation’s leading businessmen and women are Culver graduates. This historic institution prepares students for college, military careers and beyond. Culver Military Academy, also known as the Culver Academies, is actually home to three […]

Military Schools in Indiana

Indiana has two highly respected military academies. Both have rich, storied histories dating back to the late 1800s, but they're not stuck in the past.

In a nod to modernization and in keeping up with today's trends, both schools are now coeducational.

The Howe Military School is in Howe, Indiana in the northeastern area of Indiana.

Culver Military Academy is in Culver, Indiana on the northwestern side.

Howe Military School is a Smaller School

Howe Military School is a private boarding school for young men and women in grades 7-12. In a serene site on 100 acres, the school began in 1884 as the Howe Grammar School. Howe became a military school in 1895. It began originally as an all boys school, until 1998 when it became a coeducational institution. The female group of cadets is called Company Alpha. The student population is low, with only about 80 students. The school also features a low teacher to student ratio of 1:8.

Students looking for a personalized experience and challenging curriculum find it at Howe Military School. Students are boarders and leave the academy with an exceptional education. Emphasis is placed on core values and on helping cadets to be ready for leadership roles after graduation. A summer camp available exclusively for boys at Howe Military School allows prospective students to see what military education entails before deciding to attend the school full-time. Summer camps place an emphasis on fun, along with structure.

Culver Military Academy is a Larger School

Culver Military Academy has a unique structure. It is really three smaller institutions on one campus. There is Culver Summer Schools And Camps, Culver Military Academy For Boys and a Culver Girls Academy. Together these three smaller schools form the larger entity known as Culver Academies. The school population is about 800, with over 80 teachers. The academies are situated on about 1,800 acres, making this a much larger school than Howe Military School. The academy became coeducational in 1971.

Preparing students for future leadership roles and for the challenges in life has been the focus of Culver Academies since its beginning in 1894. Culver today is considered to be one of the largest military boarding schools in the country. Cadets have values instilled in them including personal integrity, honesty and a desire to serve their country in any capacity they can.

ROTC Programs Are Another Option For Indiana Youth

Indiana students also have ROTC options available at the University of Southern Indiana, Vincennes University, DePauw University and through Indiana State University. They receive specialized instruction along with drills. All coursework and training is accomplished in a structured environment which helps them to prepare for future careers in the military.

Interesting programs available to students enrolled in the ROTC program include military justice, land navigation and first aid. Once students graduate, they have opportunities to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army. ROTC completion is a source of pride for graduates that gives them a great sense of accomplishment.

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