Military Schools in Delaware

There is 1 Military School located in Delaware.

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Grades: 9-12 | 112 Middleboro Road, Wilmington, DE 19804

Delaware Military Academy is a public high school. It is open to all applicants who are residents of Delaware, without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin or disability.  What makes it different is that it is also a charter specialty school. There are no specified admission requirements. However, students apply for acceptance and are interviewed, just […]

Military Schools in Delaware

Some children do thrive in a military school. For parents who are apprehensive about enrolling their children to a public school, a military school is usually a much better idea. Delaware military schools offer great facilities to the learners as they provide high quality education. This way, the students will be able to achieve their goals in life and make their parents happy.

Military schools in Delaware are designed differently. There are some that are exclusively for boys and there are a few that are for girls only.

There are also co-ed schools in the state. No matter what school you enroll your child at, you are guaranteed that he or she will develop better skills in communication and leadership. Many Delaware schools believe that a good leader is an honest one. A school with this kind of belief will not only help improve the skills of your child, but also make sure that he or she develops reverence for honest ethics.

The Delaware Military Academy

One of the premier schools in the state is the Delaware Military Academy, which is located in Wilmington. It is actually a new school compared to other schools in the United States. It was only founded in 2003. However, its success has inspired a lot of military schools in the country as they emulate the practices and the teachings of the academy.

In this school, there are 42 staff members that to guide the youth in knowing and understanding what they would like to become in the future. They will serve as a helping hand in leading the students towards the path of their elected career. Currently, there are about 560 cadets enrolled in the academy and they are provided with a place to study from grades 9 to 12. This is a co-ed educational institution.

Other Noteworthy Schools

The University of Delaware is not a military school per se, but it does offer ROTC programs. The Army ROTC is open to the students of the University as well as those from the Delaware State University and the Salisbury University. The school offers a number of ROTC classes including independent study, introduction to leadership 1 and 2, and leader development. Advanced training in leadership for military services is also provided. This is a two-phased course which has been designed to make sure that cadets are ready for the ROTC Advanced Camp Summer Training Program.

Seaford High School in Delaware also offers great ROTC programs, particularly Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC). The school was formed in 1993 and has been recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the state. This is because the school’s graduates are more disciplined and responsible than others. The cadets here are dedicated to unselfish service to the community, the school, and to other people. The evidence lies in the fact that the cadets enrolled in the NJROTC programs are often found helping at different school and public events.

Mothers and fathers who want their children to grow up as well-organized and conscientious members of the community can try the military schools in Delaware.

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