Military Schools in Connecticut

There is 1 Military School located in Connecticut.

US Coast Guard Academy > >

Grades: Undergraduate | 31 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320

Located in New London, Connecticut, the United States Coast Guard Academy is a four-year college that produces officers for the U.S. Coast Guard. Known for its rigorous academic and athletic programs, it provides free tuition and lodging for those who are accepted into the program.Program RequirementsIn order to be accepted into the Coast Guard Academy, […]

Military Schools in Connecticut

Military schools are often viewed as a type of school for troubled children. However, in the past few years, this belief is starting to reshape itself.

There have been some studies that showed that this kind of teaching environment has a positive effect on the youth especially in leadership development and skills training.

There are military schools in Connecticut which aim to provide help for boys or girls or both so that they will become disciplined citizens when they grow up.

Efficiency of Military Schools

Many military schools use the confrontational approach. However, there are military schools in Connecticut that understand how the youth today detest such educational model. In this case, humiliation and intimidation are not employed. There are a few military schools that use confrontational method, though children often behave indifferently to both the educators and the entire school. Therefore, it is a counterproductive technique in teaching since it is a form of bullying.

Military schools in the state are not only for boys. There are also for girls and the number of enrollees seem to grow every year or so. Whether girls or boys want to become a pilot, a navy, or a member of the army, it is now easier to choose which school to enroll your child at.

The Connecticut Difference

Military schools in the state have numerous options for the learners. This way, each student will be able to establish their career in the field they select. The good news is that military schools are not only for children who wish to become a part of the federal military services. There are also courses that allow the students to study engineering, dentistry, and even nursing.

There are schools in Connecticut that are run by members of the church. Christian and other religious sects offer faith based learning programs. Here, the students do not just learn, but they are also trained so that they will become qualified and disciplined members of the community. There are also cultural, sports, drama, and other team building programs to enhance the social mindset of the children.

Premier Military School in CT

One of the military schools is Connecticut is the US Coast Guard Academy, which is located in New London, CT. Their slogan is “The sea yields knowledge,“ and their task is to provide new recruits for the United States Coast Guard and sometimes for other military services in the country. The USCGA is the smallest out of the five service academies in the United States. Since this is a federal service school, not everyone can get in. They are very selective due to their high standards.

Many schools in the state have their own facilities. This is to make sure that all the students are comfortable during their stay. Parents do not have to worry about their sons or daughters because there are expert trainers that will guide their children in and out of the classrooms. Be aware though that all military schools impose strict rules and policies. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed that Connecticut military academies have a specialized focus so that teenagers will gain self-confidence and learn new skills.

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