Military Schools in Colorado

There is 1 Military School located in Colorado.

United States Air Force Academy > >

Grades: Undergraduate | 2302 Cadet Dr, Air Force Academy, CO 80840

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the United States Air Force Academy is both a military installation and a university. It is home to more than 25,000 service members and civilians, most of who belong to the 10th Air Base Wing. This unit provides logistical and training support to the 4,400 cadets and 300 cadre members […]

Military Schools in Colorado

Young people in Colorado have several excellent options for military schools. One great option is a school once known as the Hill School For Boys. It was founded in 1906. Today the name of the school is Colorado Academy and it is now a coed military school in Denver. It has a long-standing tradition of excellent academics and athletics and has provided the youth of Colorado with a great education for over 100 years.

Two Renowned ROTC Programs At The College Level

Colorado is also home of two very good ROTC programs at their universities. The first is the NROTC at the University Of Colorado at Boulder. This program has over 150 students enrolled who are in training to become officers in the Marine Corps or Navy. This program features several specialized areas of training. Specialties like Naval Aviation, Surface Warfare and Nuclear Training set this program apart from all others.

Another highly respected ROTC program is available at Colorado State University. This program trains students enrolled in the college to become Army officers upon graduation. Students in this program enjoy a normal college experience with the added benefits of the structure and discipline inherent in the ROTC program.

Colorado Is Home Of The Air Force Academy

Colorado residents know that one of the nation's best military academies is found in their state. The United States Air Force Academy opened its doors in 1954 in Colorado Springs. This highly specialized academy only accepts students with the highest SAT scores and the best academic records in the nation. In addition, students must have a written recommendation from a congressman from their home state to attend. It is an exclusive academy and students feel honored to be selected to attend the school.

Enormous respect for this institution comes naturally. It features 31 educational majors and has small classes for a personalized university experience. Students are trained to become military and civilian leaders of tomorrow. Small class sizes make personalization in education the rule. There is an average class size of 19 students. There are about 4,400 students enrolled in the U.S. Air Force Academy with about 550 faculty members.

The U.S. Air Force Academy features all the amenities found in premier educational institutions. The library carries over 700,000 books. Its observatories and laboratories for student use are some of the best in the nation. This famous campus is situated on over 18,000 acres near the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The school has a proud heritage with a record of training students to become leaders spanning over 50 years. Graduates earn a Bachelor of Science degree and are ready to become Air Force second lieutenants upon graduation.

Colorado Residents Enjoy A Wealth Of Choices

Residents of Colorado know that students have many good opportunities in the state for a premier military education. Schools pride themselves on instilling good values in students like leadership, self-reliance, integrity, honor and discipline. These qualities carry students well into a successful future.

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