Military Schools In South Dakota

There are 0 Military Schools located in South Dakota.

Military Academies in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is located in the Midwestern part of the United States. Currently, it is ranked as the 46th most populated state in the country with over 833,000 residents as of 2012. In this total number of population, there are some troubled boys and girls who live in South Dakota. If you are a parent of a wayward teenager, you already know how difficult it is to deal with this kind of behavior. Situations like these call for strict measures and one of the most effective solution is to send your teen to a military school.

Unfortunately, South Dakota has no military school for either boys or girls. Still, if you are dealing with a problematic child, you will find it comforting that there are Christian boarding schools in the state. This is where your child can develop good behavior. Since they are a religious affiliated institution, you can rest assured that your son or daughter will learn to become a responsible human being with good ethics. An example of an excellent boarding school in South Dakota is the Abundant Life Academy.

Boarding and military schools are almost the same. In fact, they are often used interchangeably. However, the main difference is that military schools are stricter because they employ military teaching tactics. Another option is a private school where there is centralized focus on each student. This is also a good alternative to military schools because the ratio of students to teachers is ideal. However, private schools are often too expensive and they are not as stern as military schools.

Nearby Military Schools

Since there are no military schools in South Dakota, your best bet is to look for one near the state. There are nearby states that do have military institutes for children and teenagers. You can look at military schools in Minnesota. A good example is the Minnesota State University. While it is not entirely a military school, it does offer AROTC for college students. There are approximately 13,000 students here with 1,300 faculty members. The university is where the Maverick Battalion was made. The cadets here are responsible, respectful, and are trained to be leaders. It’s a great start for parents with unruly children.

You can also consider Mount Michael Benedictine School in Elkhorn, Nebraska. There are about 220 students in this private boarding school. They offer studies for learners from grades 9 through 12.This is a Catholic preparatory school for those who will soon be in college. The school is motivated by their goal, which is to integrate religion and academic excellence. This is a great option, but it does not support ADHD and ADD students.

More Options

If you do not like the states mentioned above, the Wyoming Military Academy might appeal to you. It’s relatively new but it has received a lot of praises from both students and parents. Another option is a wilderness therapy program. It’s pretty much the same as a military school, but it’s more of a camping expedition. Its main purpose is to achieve therapeutic intervention for troubled children and teens.

While there are no military academies in South Dakota, you can always find other options that can help your child grow into a good-natured person.