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US Military Academy Infographic

In the United States, there are five federal academies…see the infographic about them…


Military School Information for Parents

What do President Donald Trump (pictured above), racing legend Dale Earnhardt, Jr, and…


Military Schools Help Boys With ADHD

Teenagers with ADHD do better when there is structure. As a result, military schools not only help boys with ADHD, but may be ideal for them!


The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Military Boarding School

Students who attend military boarding schools are more likely to succeed academically than their public school counterparts.


Free Military School Options

Free military schools and academies are available — most are public schools for local students.


Five Ways That Boys Learn Best

Most parents will tell you that boys and girls learn and grow very differently. This is an observation that is actually backed up by science and research. At military


Unique Features of Military Schools

Five things military boarding schools offer to students that traditional boarding schools don’t…


Choosing a Military School

The environment is rich in the important qualities that are missing in young people’s lives


Top Rated Military Academies

The five military academies in America are affiliated with the parent military component


Military Schools For Boys

Military schools have earned good reputations for preparing young men for the future


What Makes Military School Different

Today’s military schools turn young people into confident individuals of great character


What to Expect at Military School

Mlitary school may be the best educational opportunity today for your boy or girl


Paying For Military School

There are ways to afford a military school education without breaking your banking account


College Prep Best from Military Schools

Military schools today are focused on college, life and career preparation, not preparation for the military…


What Are The Advantages of Choosing A Military School?

Is a military school the best option for my son? A lot of parents nowadays are seeking alternatives when it comes to their high school son’s education.


Myths About Military Schools

There are a number of common misconceptions about what military schools are all about…


Why Send Your Son To A Military Boarding School?

Military boarding schools are designed to shape young men (and women) into leaders and build their character — not just train them for military service.


Why Military School May Be Better for Some Boys

Why and when a military school can be a better choice over traditional boarding schools…


Military Schools for Girls

Many military schools are also accepting girls in this male-dominated educational arena

Should you need help finding boys ranches, Christian rehabs, and boarding schools with therapy please let us know. Military schools offer structure, mentorship, and a safe environment that limits distractions and temptations that can detract from academic and personal progress. Still, military schools are not always the right choice for every young person. While military schools offer structure and academic and athletic discipline in a controlled environment, military schools are not intended to act as a rehabilitation program. Military schools want students who wish to prepare themselves for a future in a collegiate, military, or professional setting. Military Schools and Military Academies for Boys and Girls in the United States of America – boys homes and affordable boarding schools.