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Military Academies in Nevada

Nevada does not have specific accredited military academies, but there are still opportunities for young Nevadan's who are interested in a military education to find it.

There are two ROTC opportunities in the state that are worth investigating.

Students can go forward from these programs to enter one of the military academies in the future.

The first ROTC opportunity is at the University of Nevada at Reno.

ROTC Opportunities In Nevada

The university offers an Army Reserve ROTC program as part of their regular college curriculum. The ROTC course has its focus on teaching students about military history, leadership skills and has them perform drills. Students wear uniforms and the courses are approved by the U.S. Army. Once students graduate from this program, they earn the ranking of Second Lieutenant if they decide to join the Army after graduation.

Another good opportunity in Nevada is the JROTC Leadership Challenge Camp for teenagers. The main goal of this camp is to teach students to be effective leaders and it also helps them to have a focus in their lives on traits like integrity, honesty and good moral character. This training camp is geared towards teens who have an interest in joining the military in the future. Students who are a part of the Army's ROTC program can receive federal subsidies that help them to pay for books, tuition expenses and lodging.

For Students Wishing To Join The Military

Nevada students who already know that they want to join the military after graduation from high school can take advantage of these two helpful programs. In addition, Nevada lawmakers host an annual Academy Information Day that can be very helpful to those interested in future military careers. These specialized information days help young men and women interested in the military to receive specific information about each of the United States Military service academies.

Options are explored and explained about the five major service academies available in the United States. This offers a very good opportunity for Nevada students to enter a military academy, since many academies ask students for a letter of recommendation from congressman to be considered for entrance. Nevada state Senators and Representatives offer these programs as annual events. Any Nevada student interested in military pursuits would be wise to take advantage of this program.

State Representatives Help Nevada Students

Nevada's state representatives feel that it is an honor to help these young people to reach the admirable goal of entering one of the United States military academies. They have stated that they feel privileged to be a part of these educational seminars. They have said that attendance at one of these Academy Information Day events is extremely important for any young person with aspirations to attend a military academy. Nevada congressmen take the responsibility of recommending a young person for a military academy education very seriously. They are excited to be a helpful factor in a young person's quest to serve our country.