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Military Schools for Girls

By: David Bolthouse | 10 Comments

Military Schools for Girls are Now Available

Once a primarily male-dominated arena, military high schools have started taking on the challenge of preparing girls for serving in the military or, if nothing else, learning good personal values. Girls go through the same academic activities as the males and the same physical trials. The girls are expected to meet the same standards as the boys.  There are many reasons to choose a military school. If you have a mildly troubled daughter, you can choose a military school to help her help herself. The regimented structure of military schools for girls will help combat the “need for an image” problem in today’s society.

Nowadays, a military school for a young woman can help her realize her full potential, build her confidence in herself, and develop independence, responsibility, and leadership qualities that will stay with her for life. These significant benefits are combined with a solid academic excellence foundation, creating incredibly well-rounded individuals. Military schools have graduated many confident and capable women that have gone on to be very successful, attending Harvard, NYU, the Air Force Academy, and many other prestigious universities.  

Girls can now gain the same life-changing benefits of military schools that boys have been enjoying for years!

About Military Schools for Girls

Military schools for girls, often referred to as girls’ military academies or girls’ military schools, are educational institutions that combine a traditional academic curriculum with a focus on military training and discipline. These schools are similar in many ways to their counterparts for boys but are designed specifically for female students. Here are some key aspects of military schools for girls:

  • Academic Education: Girls’ military schools offer a rigorous academic program that typically follows a standard curriculum, including subjects such as mathematics, science, English, history, and foreign languages. They aim to provide a well-rounded education.

  • Military Training: One of the distinguishing features of these schools is the emphasis on military training and discipline. Students may participate in activities like drill and ceremony, physical fitness training, leadership development, and teamwork exercises.

  • Character Development: Military schools often place a strong emphasis on character development, teaching values such as leadership, integrity, respect, and responsibility. These values are instilled through a structured and disciplined environment.

  • Leadership Opportunities: Many girls’ military academies promote leadership opportunities for their students. They may have leadership positions within the school’s cadet corps or other extracurricular activities.

  • Uniforms: Students at these schools typically wear uniforms, fostering a sense of identity and discipline. Uniforms may vary depending on the specific school’s traditions and regulations.

  • Extracurricular Activities: In addition to academics and military training, girls’ military schools often offer a range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and community service opportunities.

  • College Preparation: Most girls’ military academies aim to prepare students for college or future careers. They provide college counseling, SAT/ACT preparation, and other resources to help students succeed academically.

  • All-Girl Environment: One key advantage of girls’ military schools is the opportunity for female students to thrive in an all-girl environment, which can promote self-confidence and leadership development.

  • Different School Philosophies: Each girls’ military school may have its own unique philosophy, values, and traditions. It’s important to research and choose a school that aligns with a student’s goals and values.

  • Admission Requirements: Admission to girls’ military schools typically involves an application process, including academic records, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and interviews. Requirements may vary from one school to another.

It’s worth noting that while these schools provide a structured and disciplined environment, they may not be suitable for everyone. Students and their families should carefully consider their goals, interests, and values before enrolling in a girls’ military academy. Additionally, not all regions may have girls’ military schools, so availability can be a factor to consider when exploring educational options.

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Types of Military Schools

You have two different types of military schools to choose from for girls: secondary and postsecondary. Secondary military schools are geared toward teens, whether they are troubled or not. The schools expose your teenager to discipline, responsibility, and a structured environment. This exposure can help prepare for life in general, mainly because of the confidence and self-esteem they develop while attending school.

Postsecondary military schools are usually very competitive to gain admission to. They are designed to prepare you for a military career, and based on which branch of the service you decide to join, there are specific colleges for you to choose from. The military college is a good choice if you are looking to advance up to a supervisory level while serving. These schools are four-year programs, just like non-military colleges. One such school is The Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership at Mary Baldwin College.

Military summer school is not the same thing as your typical summer school. The summer school you are probably used to is when your student goes to school for at least half a day during the summer to make up for a failing class. This is so that they can continue with the rest of their class in the fall. The military summer school focuses less on academics and more on hands-on activities such as crafts, sports, and woodworking. Some activities in these summer schools include confidence course training, land navigation, athletics, and adventure training. There are some academics to prepare students for the upcoming school year and SAT preparation if they are interested.

Military boarding schools for girls will teach your daughter the value of leadership, self-confidence, discipline, and responsibility. They also give her a step up if she decides to pursue a career in the military.

Final Thoughts

The main thing to remember is that your daughter does not have to be a troubled teen to attend a military school. Most military schools do not ordinarily accept troubled teens with severe behavioral or mental issues. However, f your girl needs discipline or is considering a career in the military, attending one of these schools can boost her in that direction.  It will give her the discipline needed to succeed, and she will become accustomed to the regimen of a military school for girls.

You will want to do your research on the different military schools for girls and what they have to offer. They are located all over the United States, and many of them offer financial aid packages. Good luck searching for the military school that fits your daughter’s needs.