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Military Schools in Kentucky - All Types

If your son wants to become a part of the army, a military school is a good place for him to learn. There are also military schools scattered all over the country that help girls who wish to make a career in the military. For those who live in the state of Kentucky, there are great military schools there that can help your child be the best they want to be. You never know, they might even become a leader when they grow up.

One of the best things about a military school is that they train youngsters using military style.

While some may oppose this tactic due to the fact that it is stern, it is one of the most reliable teaching techniques ever created. This is especially true for children or teenagers who are troubled or those who cause distress to their parents. A military school in Kentucky can help shape your child’s behavior into something more ideal.

As of today, there are only two military schools in Kentucky. Nevertheless, there were a few schools in the past that used this kind of teaching and they continue to be a part of the state’s history. They offered complete support and guidance for children until they closed their doors for good. In addition, they also had programs that aided boys and girls in developing their talents and skills.

Military schools in Kentucky aim to produce teenagers with self-discipline, respect, and leadership qualities.

Kentucky Military Institute

The Kentucky Military Institute or KMI is now a defunct military preparatory institution in Lyndon, Kentucky. It also had another branch in Venice, Florida. The school was a part of Kentucky’s community from 1845 up to 1971. It was one of the oldest schools in Kentucky that practiced military style teaching. The students here were all considered as cadets. The last batch graduated in 1971. KMI closed during the summer in the said year. However, it reopened in 1972 and became the Kentucky Academy. It was no longer a military school, though, and even accepted girls as their students. Today, KMI is known as the Kentucky Country Day School.


Forest Hill Military Academy

This school is located in Millersburg, Kentucky and is one of the two remaining military schools in the state. This is a co-ed type of school, so your daughter can apply here as well. Education starts from grades 6-12. This is actually a new school, having been founded in 2011. Right now, there are merely six teachers, but 90% of them have advanced degrees. Each class has approximately 10 students who are all required to dress formally.


Kentucky Bluegrass Challenge Academy

The main goal of this school is to provide guidance to “at risk” youth. More than 2,180 students have graduated from the academy since its inception in July of 1999. The school is excellent for those who would like to be trained and mentored so that they will become an active member of the community. Classes last for 22 weeks. A follow up program for another year is required to complete the training.


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