Rickover Military School

Rickover Military School

Address: 5900 North Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660

Grades: 9-12

Teacher Ratio: 1 to 13

Students: 450

Rickover Military School

Founded in 2005, Rickover Naval Academy (RNA), is a preparatory school for college.  

Also known as Rickover Military School-Illinois, RNA is located at 5900 North Glenwood Avenue Chicago, Illinois. Currently, it is led by Academy Superintendent Michael J. Biela. This Academy does not recruit for the United States Armed Forces, but it is a training ground for students who will be attending college.

Through its NJROTC program, their students or cadets develop integrity, independence, good citizenship, discipline, cooperation, and leadership skills.

To give a high quality of education to their cadets, they have formed a partnership with prestigious institutions, such as the Navy League of Chicago, the Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation, the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, and the Argonne National Laboratory Physics Division.

History of RMS

Rickover Naval Academy was named after the late Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, who was a graduate of Chicago Public Schools in 1917 and of United States Naval Academy in 1921. However, it was first planned to be called the Chicago Naval Military Academy. It was only after Mrs. Eleanore Rickover, the wife of the late admiral, permitted the Academy to use her husband’s memory that the name was finalized. When the RNA opened on the 6th of September 2005, it only had 12 staff members and around 120 cadets enrolled. In the next years, the Academy grew to more than 450 students and their staff reached 35 already.

Academy Standard

RNA is represented by the colors gold and navy blue. The design of their crest is the same as that of the United States Navy Officer Crest. The eagle stands for the United States of America and the Navy is symbolized by the anchors. Admiral Rickover’s Navy rank is represented by the four stars inside the shield. The nuclear Navy is symbolized by the atom, while knowledge and learning are signified by the torch and book. The sextant is representing navigation at the sea through stars’ guidance. Lastly, RNA’s motto, “Discens, Ductu, Servatu” (Learning to Lead in Order to Serve) is held by the scroll at the bottom.

Admission Info

For students to be admitted to RNA, they should meet some requirements. First, they should be residents of Chicago. Then, they will go through the process of Selective Enrollment Application Packet. They will also be screened through the Informational Open House, their submission of an interest inventory with their answers to two open ended questions. They are also required to submit a behavioral contract which is between the cadet, parents, and the school. Last but not least, they must pass a physical fitness screening, submission of Parental Consent, and a completed CPSRO form 1-4 to ensure participation in the JROTC program.

Rickover Naval Academy is currently considered to be the top Military Academy in Area 26 of Chicago Public Schools. They continue to uphold their mission of molding their cadets to be excellent not only academically but also in real life.

Academy Core Values
Honor, Courage, Committment
Academy Motto
“Discens, Ductu, Servatu”: “Learning to lead, to serve.”
Academy Mission
The Mission of the Rickover Naval Academy is to empower cadets to meet and exceed academic standards through a challenging and engaging curriculum that promotes programs to prepare cadets for post-secondary education and/or independent living. Rickover Academy provides meaningful leadership training, experiences and activities to serve as a foundation for lifetime of success. The military component is woven into the entire curriculum to motivate young people to become better scholars, leaders, and citizens.
Academy Vision
At Rickover Naval Academy our vision encompasses an atmosphere that cultivates academic excellence, trust, and student leadership. We will motivate students to excel through both individual cadet and platoon academic honors. The trust we place in our cadets is paramount to our vision that cadets will maintain and nurture trust. While we initially trust our cadets they must earn everything else; their place in the battalion, their rank and even the title of cadet. As the cadets earn rank and privileges by growing in leadership skills, they will take on more responsibility for the administration of the battalion through the day-to-day activities of the cadet chain of command.
Honor Code
A Rickover cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate those who do.
Guiding Principles
As a cadet I will:
Uphold our standards of the Rickover Naval Academy.
Be a person of integrity.
Lead by example.
Strive for excellence without arrogance.
Do my best.
Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
Tolerate honest mistakes from people who are doing their best.
Speak well of others.
Seek the truth.
Keep a sense of humor and be able to laugh at myself.

Core Values

    1. Rickover Naval Academy will offer a challenging and engaging academic environment.
    2. The military values and ideals will be woven into the entire curriculum to motivate cadets to become better scholars, leaders and citizens.
    3. Cadets will be encouraged to excel through both individual and platoon academic honors.
    4. Cadets will maintain and nurture trust, both from the faculty and their peers.
    5. Cadets will earn rank and privileges by growing in leadership skills.
    6. Cadets will have an obligation to serve their school and the community.

Rickover Military School

5900 North Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660


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