Marine Math & Science Academy

Marine Math & Science Academy

Address: 145 S Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Grades: 9-12

Teacher Ratio: 1 to 30

Students: 400

Marine Math & Science Academy

The Marine Math and Science Academy (MMSA) in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the few secondary schools whose learning environment leans toward the USMC. Young men and women attend classes in Marine-style uniforms and earn rank and privilege advancement in addition to continuing to the next higher grades.

Academic Programs & Activities

While the military aspect is firmly woven into everyday life at the Marine Math and Science Academy, quality education remains its core principle. In addition to the standard fare at high schools, students have the JROTC program available, and seniors have additional clubs.

The JROTC program is included in the academic genre, and one of its foundational intentions is to build self-esteem, citizenship, physical fitness and patriotism. The program itself is divided into five sections of five classes each. Activities within the program include a drill team, organizational training exercises and classwork.

Athletic Programs

Known as the Bulldogs, student athletes of both genders have a long list of team and individual sport programs with which to associate. Both genders can join separate basketball, hockey and perhaps lacrosse teams. Volleyball, football, soccer, cross country and track and field teams are seasonally encouraged as well. The esprit de corps is high at the Marine Math and Science Academy: The school sells workout gear with the team mascot emblazoned prominently.

Admission Application

The academy leverages Internet technology to allow the convenience of an online application process. However, it does not forget the traditional method: Applicants can request appropriate forms by contacting the Office or Access and Enrollment or pick up the forms at one of the Open House events at the academy.

To be eligible for consideration, a first-time, freshman applicant must have at least a stanine of five in reading and in math on a recent national normed, standardized test. Allowances for enrollment in an IEP or a 504 plan are made. Those students must have an aggregate total of 10 in the two category scores. Each applicant must have a good attendance record, missing less than 10 days in a school year. Bearing in mind the academic standards, prospective students must also have a grade average of no less than a B. Conduct records must indicate good citizenship and self-disciplined behavior. Students must reside in Chicago and comply with the uniform policy.

Additional standards apply for those who qualify for a Selective Enrollment application.

Marine Math & Science Academy

145 S Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL 60612


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