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Francis Marion Military Academy

Address: 5895 SE 83rd Street,Ocala, FL 34472

Grades: 9-12

Teacher Ratio: 1 to 15

Students: 170

Francis Marion Military Academy

Francis Marion Military Academy is a military-style charter public school located in Ocala, Florida. We are a Public Charter High School, Grades 9-12. You must live in Marion County FL USA. We do NOT offer boarding. They are full time Army JROTC program throughout the school year. They offer dual enrollment opportunities with local colleges. They are tuition-free but students must apply and gain acceptance there. Founded in 2008, it is named after General Marion and follows the Marion county public school requirements.

Military Education

Students who attend this military prep school must take classes required by the state of Florida. Honor classes and AP classes are available for students who need a more challenging academic route.

Students who are in good academic standing can take dual enrollment with the College of Central Florida, allowing them to earn college credit while in high school. In addition to the normal curriculum, students take leadership classes. All students are required to be a part of JROTC and wear uniforms daily. A “C” average is required of all students who attend this school. If a student falls below this average they will be assigned a mentor to help raise grades.

Military Uniforms

This military prep school has four different uniforms that students are required to wear and maintain properly. Mondays and Tuesdays the students wear the casual uniform which consists of the school’s black polo shirt and khaki pants. Students can wear their personal tennis shoes with this uniform. On Wednesdays students wear their ACU uniform with boots, Thursdays their Class A or B uniforms with black dress shoes and on Fridays students wear their PT uniform with tennis shoes.

Boy’s hair can not be longer than the collar, ladies must tie up their hair if it is past their collar. Both cannot dye their hair with unnatural colors. All uniforms are inspected daily and if the student doesn’t meet the uniform standards, they will be sent home.

Tuition and Fees

As Francis Marion Military Academy is a public school, there is no tuition costs or need to purchase textbooks. Students will also be issued military uniforms and are required to personally maintain them. Families must purchase the PT uniform and casual uniforms.

Admission Info

In order to enroll in Francis Marion Military Academy, the guardian must fill out the application packet. Proper documentation is required, including a recent physical by the state. The student must attend a fledging camp and pass a drug test. All uniforms need to be purchased or received prior to the start of the school year
Who We Are – In Their Words….

We are an enthusiastic community of instructors, staff and volunteers fostering lifelong learners, working to achieve our student’s maximum learning potential and to successfully meet the challenges of 21st century education.

Francis Marion Military Academy offers a tuition-free, rigorous core curriculum including Honors, College Prep Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment. Additional emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) including Aerospace themed programs.  The school’s academic offerings are designed to increase learning and establish real-world relevance and interrelationships for all curriculum subjects. Student’s interest will be enhanced through active partnerships with area corporations and higher education centers.

With highly qualified instructors and a cutting-edge curriculum, Francis Marion Military Academy will afford students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to excel in ways designed to inspire and motivate.
Vision Statement:

Francis Marion Military Academy inspires students to inculcate self-discipline and self-determination into their education, equipping them to become critical thinking, confident leaders in a challenging world.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality college preparatory dual-enrolled education, in cooperation with College of Central Florida, in an environment embracing military values and ethics.

Francis Marion Military Academy

5895 SE 83rd Street,Ocala, FL 34472

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