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Military Schools in Florida

There are 3 Military Schools located in Florida.

Admiral Farragut Academy

Grades: PK-12 | 501 Park Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Originally located in Pine Beach, New Jersey, Admiral Farragut Academy (AFA) is a college preparatory school that instills military values in its students. The school is named after Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, the Navy’s first admiral, who famously uttered the phrase, “Damn the torpedoes; full steam ahead” at the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. […]

Francis Marion Military Academy

Grades: 9-12 | 5895 SE 83rd Street,Ocala, FL 34472

Francis Marion Military Academy is a military-style charter public school located in Ocala, Florida. We are a Public Charter High School, Grades 9-12. You must live in Marion County FL USA. We do NOT offer boarding. They are full time Army JROTC program throughout the school year. They offer dual enrollment opportunities with local colleges. They […]

Gateway Military Academy

Grades: 6-12 | 1213 Hope Ln, Bonifay, FL 32425

Gateway breaks the mold in regard to today’s military schools in that it is designed just for troubled boys. It features everything required to deal with boys who are misbehaving, in trouble with the law, were expelled from school or who have below-par grades.Boys at Gateway are under adult supervision around the clock. Started as a […]

Military Schools in Florida

There are many different military schools located in Florida. Some start as early as kindergarten, but most are geared towards high school and college. Other choices are day school or boarding.

A military school is an excellent choice for your child’s education. Most offer advanced classes with students earning college credit while still in high school.

They will also learn teamwork and leadership under a military styled environment.

If you child aspires to join the military, these schools could help admission to colleges such as West Point.

Choosing a Military School

When choosing your future military school, research the school carefully. Some schools only accept students that have excellent grades, while others are geared to help troubled teenagers. Tuition and fees will also vary from school to school.

While there are numerous choices in Florida, here are some of the more popular military prep schools.

Admiral Farragut Academy is located on the western shore of Florida and teaches grades Kindergarten through 12th. Boarding is available for grades 7th-12th, all grades can attend as a day student if they live in the local area. This co-ed school requires admission application forms with essays and interviews. Potential students should be in good academic standing and have recommendations from teachers.

Southeastern Military Academy specializes in helping troubled teenaged boys. Based on the Army lifestyle, this school nurtures young men and teaches them valuable life skills. The focus is to improve grades, self-esteem and good habits. This school is highly successful as many graduates are accepted into top universities and the military. This school also teaches job skills such as auto body work, welding and landscaping. Applying to this school requires an application and recommendations from the child’s physician or psychologist.

Francis Marion Military Academy is a public charter school. There are no fees or tuition. This school offers general studies with AP courses, all students are required to maintain at least a ‘C’ grade in all courses. Those who fall under this grade will become mentored in that particular subject. All students must join the JROTC program and must wear full uniform each day. Admission is based upon the student’s performance in school and recommendations.