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military schools for troubled teens


military school placement

Military schools no longer accept troubled kids, but other special schools do.  Let us offer you some options.  

If you are looking for options for a teenage or pre-teen boy or girl who has gotten in trouble or off track in life, contact us using the form below or call toll-free 866-738-2784.  We charge nothing and there is no obligation. Your information will remain confidential.  Note:  We do not work with free or government-sponsored programs.

Yes, Provide Me With Some Options for a Teen or Pre-Teen that is Unmanageable or Self-Destructing…

Should you need help finding boarding schools for troubled teens, teen boarding schools, or alternative boarding schools, please let us know. Military schools offer young men the ability to develop academically, personally, and socially into a confident and prepared leader. Military schools offer structure, mentorship and a safe environment that limits distractions and temptations that can detract from academic and personal progress. Still, military schools are not always the right choice for every young man. While military schools offer structure, and academic and athletic discipline in a controlled environment, military schools are not intended to act as a rehabilitation program. Military schools want young men wanting to prepare themselves for a future in a collegiate, military, or professional setting.

Free Military Schools and Military Academies -

Free military schools and low cost military school opportunities are out there, but they are for students in a specific geographic areas