US Coast Guard Academy

US Coast Guard Academy

Address: 31 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320

Grades: Undergraduate

Teacher Ratio: 1 to 8

Students: 1200

US Coast Guard Academy

Located in New London, Connecticut, the United States Coast Guard Academy is a four-year college that produces officers for the U.S. Coast Guard. Known for its rigorous academic and athletic programs, it provides free tuition and lodging for those who are accepted into the program.

Program Requirements

In order to be accepted into the Coast Guard Academy, admissions counselors look at an applicant’s academic record and athletic achievements.

Completing community service while in high school can give some individuals an advantage over others.

A Congressional nomination is not required in order to be accepted. Nearly 5,000 students apply each year, and only 300 of those are eventually selected.

Physical Fitness

Students are expected to perform physical training every day and are administered a physical fitness test each semester. They must pass this physical fitness test in order to remain enrolled unless they are excused by a physician. Cadets are also expected to perform military training during the summer, and some of this training takes place on U.S. Coast Guard ships.

Swab Summer

Once accepted to the academy, cadets will take part in the tradition of “swab summer”. This involves seven weeks of basic training that is designed to indoctrinate them into military life. During this time, candidates will complete obstacles courses, learn to fire a weapon and undergo numerous inspections. They will also learn a bit about military values, customs and courtesies, and Coast Guard history. Passing this training is mandatory in order to begin working toward a degree here.

Academic Majors

Eight academic majors are offered at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. These majors include: government, management, operations research and computer analysis, marine and environmental science, naval architecture and civil, mechanical or electrical engineering. Out of the 300 students that are admitted each year, approximately 200 of them will eventually graduate.

Coast Guard Athletics

The mascot of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy is the bear. They are an NCAA Division III school, and offer athletic programs for both men and women. Men’s programs include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, pistol, rifle, rowing, sailing, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, and wrestling. Women’s programs include basketball, cross country, pistol, rifle, rowing, sailing, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, and volleyball. Club sports for recreational purposes are also offered in bowling, boxing, fencing, martial arts, surfing and snowboarding.

The United States Coast Guard Academy is a prestigious school to enroll in for those who are fortunate enough to make the cut. The program here is designed to challenge cadets mentally and physically in order to prepare them for the five years of Coast Guard service they will perform immediately after graduation.

US Coast Guard Academy

31 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320

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