Address: 2605 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Grades: 7-12

Teacher Ratio: 1 to 10

Students: 400

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Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy is a college-preparatory boarding school for boys in grades 7-12. It aims to develop honorable character in young men. The school focuses its students on a rigorous daily schedule, giving them the benefit of having a greater degree of motivation, structure, and discipline.

Respectful, confident, independent, poised, prepared and resilient are just some of the words that describe the graduates of Army and Navy Academy. While the school is military in discipline, at its core it is all about life preparation. Just 5% of ANA students go on to military careers; so most parents send their boys here specifically to equip them for college and civilian careers.  The discipline and excellence that boys learn while at ANA help them in their relationships, their lives, and their careers. 

With a gorgeous and ever improving campus located right on the ocean north of San Diego, California, Army and Navy Academy is truly unique and it is more affordable that you might imagine.

Army and Navy Academy is the only military school in the nation with a surfing team, and with a sports program and facility that are the envy of schools across America. The college preparatory curriculum was developed to match the ways that boys learn best; interactive lessons, small class sizes, personal attention and tutoring.  Furthermore, ANA’s formal leadership training helps motivate each student to reach his full potential.

Students at ANA are educated to a set of core values that shape all aspects of life….honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and gratitude are the cornerstones. You’ll not find such a focus in other educational settings, yet these core values are pivotal to your boy’s future!

School for Honorable Young Men

Army and Navy Academy isn’t about a military career — it is about preparation for college and for life using the military style as a foundation for discipline, respect and aspiration to leadership. Boys grades 7-12 enjoy top academics in this Gurian Institute Model School, unparalleled athletic opportunities, and a broad world view. ANA emphasizes self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, time management, and most of all, leadership. ANA provides your boy with the tools he needs for success in college, career, and life.

Army and Navy Academy


In 1910, the Academy was founded by Thomas A. Davis and was originally located in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California. The Academy eventually moved to Carlsbad, California and opened as the Davis Military Academy.

In 1944, it was again changed to its present name. The latter name of the Academy was then renamed San Diego Army and Navy Academy.

In 1944, the “San Diego” in the Academy name was removed and finally changed to its present name, Army and Navy Academy. It was notably led by Colonel Hon. William Currier Atkinson, serving the Academy as its president for 50 years. The Academy is governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of the school’s alumni, parents, and local businessmen and women. Major General Arthur M. Bartell, USA (Ret.) is currently the Academy’s president. It is the only military boarding school in California and its rich history makes it as one of the premier military boarding schools in the U.S.

Lower and Upper School

The school is divided into the Lower School (grades 7-9) and Upper School (grades 10-12). The Upper School’s college-prep curriculum follows the University of California A-G graduation requirements, including a minimum of 18 credits. All enrolled cadets are required to attend six classes per semester. Their GPAs improve on a regular basis, especially during the first semester. The small class size of 10:1, along with highly-committed staff, gives students the support they need to get better results and improve their possibilities of attending the college of their choice.

The Student Body and Statistics

Army and Navy Academy is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools or CAIS and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or WASC. The Academy is currently a member of the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States, The Association of Boarding Schools, and the National Association of Independent Schools. Abiding by their mission to develop good character in young men, the Academy has been focusing on a class size of 10:1 with over 320 total cadets from grades 7 to 12. The class of 2017 contains 67 students, while there are 110 international cadets and 293 boarding cadets.

Army and Navy Academy Curriculum and Admission

Applicants must complete an online application form and submit it along with transcripts and other academic records. Applicants must then schedule an appointment for a campus visit. They must pass the admission criteria consisting of the student’s commitment, attendance, discipline records, GPA, test scores, and student survey and writing sample.

The school’s program is based on 6 pillars: Athletics, Academics, Leadership, Associated Student Body, Residential Life, and Character Development. This develops the enrolled cadets to become successful in their life goals. The academics include a personalized instruction that some schools cannot provide. It has an after-school tutorial, homework administration, academic counseling, college placement services, and mandatory study time at night.

TheArmy and Navy Academy JROTC program includes the 4 levels of Leadership Education Training instruction and focuses on time-management and prioritization skills. The athletics encourage cadets to participate in athletic or physical training courses and lets them compete in 11 varsity sports. The Associated Student Body engages students in community service through various clubs. The Residential Life provides cadets an oversight after the academic day teaches them integrity, respect, as well as lets them enjoy the oceanfront location of the campus.

In their own words:

“Army and Navy Academy is an internationally recognized college-preparatory military boarding school for boys, grades 7-12 that follows University of California standards and incorporates leadership training centered around its JROTC program. Since 1910, Army and Navy Academy has sought to develop scholarship and honorable character in young men. Our cadets benefit from having a greater degree of structure, motivation and discipline in their daily routine.

One of our core competencies is the academic achievement of our students. On a regular basis, we see students improve their G.P.A., often within the first semester of attendance. Small class sizes, a highly committed staff and individualized support enable students to achieve better results and improve their chances for attending a college or university of their choice. Mandatory JROTC leadership classes emphasize teamwork, honor, self-esteem, citizenship, study habits, and time management. Band, performing arts, extracurricular clubs, and CIF and intramural sports complement the academic program.”

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