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What is a Boarding Military School?

Military school can be a more adventurous boarding school that uses military structure to teach leadership and develop personal character, preparing students for life. Just like their current school, they go to class each day and play sports each afternoon. Unlike their current school, they are immersed in a 24/7 leadership laboratory surrounded by dedicated faculty and staff who help cadets to discover their potential.

Who attends Military School?

Kids who need more of a challenge, both in and out of the classroom. With small classes, individual attention, and nightly study hours, cadets’ grades go up, they play more sports, join more clubs, and are faced with new challenges every day. Recognition is given for successes, while a hand up and encouragement is given for stumbles. Benefits of

Attending: Just like in other prestigious boarding schools, cadets develop lifelong connections with fellow students, grow into young adulthood in a supportive environment, are surrounded by high achieving peers, and have high quality instructors who care about them while being involved in their lives outside of the classroom. Unlike in other boarding schools, military schools focus on building leadership abilities and developing personal character.

After Graduation: Over 95% of military school cadets attend college after graduation. There is no obligation to join the military. Former cadets are more prepared for college than their peers. What Military School is

Military School is Not…a place for bad teens or a punishment of any kind.

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Military School USA is designed to help prospective students and their families understand the ins and outs of military education. Our mission is to make military schools more widely understood.


We maintain a directory of military schools and academies so you can explore the available options. Each military school is profiled with information like: the number of students, student/teacher ratio, admissions, and athletics.


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Should you want help finding Teen Challenge, boarding schools christian, boarding schools for boys, troubled teen boarding schools, and therapeutic boarding schools in Utah please let us know. Military schools offer structure, mentorship, and a safe environment that limits distractions and temptations that can detract from academic and personal progress. Still, military schools are not always the right choice for every young person. Military schools offer structure and academic and athletic discipline in a controlled environment. Military schools enroll students who wish to prepare themselves for a future in a collegiate, military, or professional setting. Young people who graduate from military schools tend to excel in their future pursuits, whether those pursuits are in military service or civilian careers. Some graduates go on to become officers in the military. They find that they move up through military service ranks more easily than someone with no military school background. Military schools produce self-confident and disciplined graduates.

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Military School USA is designed to help prospective students and their families understand the ins and outs of military education.