Norwich Military College

Students: 3,450 | Teachers: 1 to ? | Grades: College

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Norwich Military College

The Norwich University Military CollegeVermont is one of the most prestigious schools in the area offering comprehensive education and training for students. Students who attend there do not necessarily have to choose military careers in the future but they will surely excel in military discipline and skills. Norwich educators promote studying and learning in a military setting so that students can learn better and improve in academics.

Student Profile Overview

The school has a diverse population where about 51 percent of students come from different states outside New England. Most students come from states that include Maine, New Jersey, and California, among others. In addition, there are also students who attend that are from other countries. Meanwhile, about 60 percent students are in the Corps of Cadets. According to school stats, about 58 percent of students who graduate receive a commission in military services annually. About 17 percent of the students are commuters. Every year, the school receives about 3,500 applications with a 56% acceptance rate.

Corps of Cadets

The school emphasizes that military schools are not only for those who want to venture into military careers in the future. The education and training offered by the military college aim to develop students so that they become competent people in the future. The main mission of the school is to help students become effective and strong leaders. Its challenges are designed to help students become responsible for their actions and support fellow students with a common goal.

School officials claim that graduates from Norwich become effective business and government leaders due to the education and training each of them acquired from the college.


The college is duly-recognized by the NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) via the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

Clubs and Specialties

The four-year college offers various specialty units in training and there are various groups that students can participate in. Some of these groups include the cavalry, regimental band, drill team, Mountain and Cold Weather Company, Norwich Artillery Battery, and Ranger Company, among others.


Norwich is also known for its various organizations aiming to promote leadership skills. They include the SGA (Student Government Association), Buddy Up, and others. There are also alternative break programs which may or may not include week-long mission activities, volunteer trips, and others, which may take place during the spring and Thanksgiving. The school also has its Campus Activities Board which main task includes programming campus events as well as publicizing them. In addition, it is involved in planning and executing various college activities such as the Winter Carnival and Family Weekend.

Abroad Tie-Up

The school is in partnership with several countries such as Nicaragua, Tanzania, and Thailand. There are also several trips sponsored by the school annually.

Norwich is indeed one of the best schools in Vermont for students to attend. If you want nothing but the best for your son or daughter, you can check out Norwich today. The school offers complete education and training when it comes to military discipline and leadership. You can start planning the bright future for your child by registering at Norwich University Military College.

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