North Carolina Military Schools

There are 2 Military Schools located in North Carolina.

Military Leadership Academy Grades: 6-11   |   Address: 3342 W Griffith St, Charlotte, NC 28212

The Marie G. Davis Military and Global Leadership Academy is a school located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This school is a member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) and provides learning programs for students. Even if the academy has the word “military” in its name, it does not associate itself with boot camps. Instead, the programs here are designed to help students develop skills for a variety of situations in both their chosen profession and life. School Summary The school now…

Oak Ridge Military Academy Grades: 7-12   |   Address: 2317 Oak Ridge Road, Oak Ridge, NC 27310

Oak Ridge Military Academy is a coeducational college preparatory school based on the military model. The academy is located in the rural community of Oak Ridge, North Carolina. The school is currently the only boarding school in the state that is based on the military model. The academy is dedicated to developing leadership skills in young teenagers. Interesting Facts Oak Ridge Military Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The academy is also associated with several…

Military Academies in NC

Despite having one of the heaviest military presences of any state in the country, North Carolina boasts only two active, secular schools dedicated to education within a military structure.

Both institutions accept enrollment of both genders, and each thrives on the mixed competition academically and athletically. Both are considered mixed schools.

At the college level, two Reserve Officer Training Corp programs supplement the full military atmosphere of these select schools.

Military & Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis

This K through 12 grade school stresses not only academic and athletic achievement but also pride, honor and self-confidence. As such, it has the singular honor of being the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System’s only 13-grade college preparatory school.

The Military & Global Leadership Academy, known locally as MGLA, utilizes a uniform not a dress code to promote unity, pride and a sense of belonging. Since this is a combined-grade academy, the color of shirt worn determines if the student is in elementary school, a middle grade or high school. Blue, grey and black distinguish the respective grade dividers.

When students reach appropriate age, MGLA offers Driver’s Education, and if they desire and are linguistically able, they can join the Arabic program. Additional extracurricular areas include sports, an annual science fair and a junior Reserve Officer Training Corp program. No information is available online, regarding the extent of the sports programs, but they appear to stress both individual achievement and team unity.

For more information, see MGLA’s the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ website at:

Oak Ridge Military Academy

The second-oldest military academy in the country, Oak Ridge Military Academy is a small, private school outside Greensboro, North Carolina. The military principles of self-control, respect for self and for authority are instilled in both academic programs as well as athletic programs.

Sports programs are tailored around three seasons, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Athletes can participate by gender in boys’ soccer, and both genders can play on respective teams in basketball, baseball, golf, lacrosse, tennis or track and field.

Oak Ridge Military Academy offers a simplified application for admission method. To avoid offline hassles, you can apply to attend this prestigious school via an online application, so long as all documentation is complete and accurate.

Once in the high school grades, a student can apply to join the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC). This provides one credit toward graduation criteria and lasts the entire school year. Students apply for the appropriate level, one through four, to allow for prior or non-existent prior experience and knowledge.

For more information on the Oak Ridge Military Academy, see the website at

College ROTC Programs in North Carolina

Both the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina State University offer full ROTC programs that grant financial aid to accepted applicants. Upon graduation in good standing the cadet status is traded for a commission in the United States Army and must fulfill a service obligation of at least five years.

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