Georgia Military College

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Georgia Military College

Despite its public funding, the Georgia Military College is not included among the state’s public university and college lists.

It does, however, claim a long and respected history in Baldwin County and the state of Georgia.

From academics to athletics to the preparatory school system to the expanded campus system, Georgia Military College proudly offers more than a simple liberal arts junior college title. So, let’s look at the academics that set it apart.


Georgia Military Academy (GMC) presents a three-pronged degree system for its graduates. The junior college awards the core curricular degrees of an Associates of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science. Each course set usually transfers easily to a four-year college with minimal loss of credit hours.

GMC is a military college that grants a U.S. Army commission upon graduation for those who pass the two-year Associated of Military Sciences program if that level of degree is desired, or the graduates can opt to transfer their hours to the associated four-year college, North Georgia College and State University, to pursue the baccalaureate of choice. However, competition for these Early Commissioning Program slots is fierce, and the application process can be convoluted.

GMC’s Academic Honors program celebrates excellence in academics, athletics and extracurricular activity and community service. Presented throughout the school year, Honors recipients are awarded plaques, certificates, medals and other awards for continued excellence throughout the academic cycle.


Georgia Military College flaunts a long and proud history as the Georgia Bulldogs. Like the mascot’s namesake, the Dogs rarely give less than 100 percent, and they extend their proud heritage through football, softball, golf, soccer, cross country running and rifle teams. GMC maintains sports programs for both male and female athletes, and several programs, such as softball, soccer and cross country, are equally challenging.

At least 36 All-Americans and several Superbowl Champions claim roots in GMC. Multiple titles and honors are claimed by GMC athletes and programs, including national football championships for junior colleges, golf awards. soccer championships and others.

Both men’s and women’s athletics programs sponsor cheerleading squads to help motivate and support GMC’s teams.

Preparatory School System

Anyone with a high school diploma or GED can apply to GMC. Georgia applicants may have an advantage over out-of-state applicants, but alumni of the preparatory school system have the biggest boost.

In and around Baldwin County, Georgia, is a junior high school and high school considered part of the preparatory school system for Georgia Military College. Graduates from these schools who apply for admission to GMC are given priority consideration over others.

Multiple Locations

Georgia Military College offers six campus locations and two extension locations, presenting one of the most widespread venues of any junior college in the country. Some locations offer academic or athletic programs that others do not, so choose your preferred geography with those in mind.

The total number of students and faculty at Georgia Military College vary from year to year and via the venue chosen. Up to 95 percent of students commute part-time and meld full-time jobs with evening or weekend classes. Additional numbers are exploring the online option that GMC is developing and expanding.

The additional campuses are located in Columbus, Augusta, Fairburn, Valdosta, Warner Robbins and Stone Mountain. Extension centers are located in Madison and Stone Mountain. Distance learning centers are based in Atlanta and other locations around the state.